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MiniSax Area Alarm

Simple connection:
A 3-core data link connects the transmitter power supply unit (with ‘end of line’ terminations) to the MiniSax Display panel, regardless of the number of gases. A single transmitter can be used to operate up to 4no display panels, while further transmitters can be connected and ‘in-turn’ operate further display panels.

Simple modular maintenance:
Transmitter PCB provides connection of 230vac via Wieland ST18 plug & socket.
Display and transmitter boards designed with pluggable data terminations and signal inputs.
The alarm components can be changed in less than 2 minutes, remove fascia assembly via 2 fixing screws and unplug.

1 to 4no MiniSax display alarms can be connected to the same transmitter (i.e. end of line components) using just 3 (A, B & C) cores.
Further transmitters can be connected to the primary transmitter, which can additionally each connect to a further 1 to 4no display alarms.
Provided a MiniSax type transmitter is used for power and data for the MiniSax displays, SAX-6 Area Alarms can be linked into the system.
Similarly, SAX Computer Interfaces can also be linked into the MiniSax system enabling all other SAX-6 alarm facilities such as SDX-15 interfacing.

The MiniSax area alarm is used to monitor pipeline pressure within a ward, theatre etc. The pressure is monitored by pressure switches in the pipeline downstream from the last AVSU. Pressure is monitored for both high and low pressure (low only for vacuum).

The integrity of the cabling between the pressure switches and the alarm panel is monitored, and a fault on this cable will result in a system fault alarm, with all affected alarm conditions going into alarm condition. The monitoring of the cable requires a transmitter box to be mounted as close as practical to the pressure switches.

Each MiniSax Transmitter is capable of transmitting data for 6no gases.
Each MiniSax Display can provide status for up to 3 gases (either channels 1-3 or 4-6).
In some areas (i.e. where more that 3 gases are present), 2no displays can be located adjacent to each other displaying all 6 gases in total.

To use more than 4no MiniSax Display alarms with one set of pressure switches, simply connect a second transmitter across the data cable (B & C only) and then connect to a further 1 to 4no MiniSax Displays from the second transmitter.

All connections to the MiniSax displays to be 3-core screened cable with our services, with earthed screens at both ends of each cable.

Installation requirements:
A 230 vac supply, fused at 3 amps, fed from the essential supply.
A 3-core screened cable (minimum 0.5mm CSA per core) from the transmitter (termination board) to the display panel(s).
A 2-core screened cable between multiple MiniSax transmitters or SAX-6 (B & C only).

Equipment Warranty:
Warranty: alarms returned to our works which have failed due to faulty parts or manufacture will be repaired (or replaced) without charges for parts and labour.
10 year compatibility warranty: Install the MiniSax with the confidence that equipment will be available to modify or extend the system for at least 10 years.

HTM 02-01 compliant

Part Numbers:
When ordering, please specify the following format:

MiniSax x

x = CONTROLF for MiniSax Display Flush
or CONTROLS for MiniSax Display Surface
or POWER for MiniSax Trasnmitter.
Please specify the gases conditions required.
If possible, the hospital in which the alarm is to be installed, for our record database.


Display Surface Dimensions145mm85mm45mm Min
Display Surface Dimensions (with Bezel)145mm85mm55mm
Display Flush Dimensions (with Bezel)145mm85mm55mm
Display Flush Wall Cut-Out130mm75mm45mm Min
Transmitter (Power Supply)255mm200mm98mm


How many MiniSax displays can be run from a single Transmitter supply?

The Transmitter display can run up to 4no Minisax Displays, provided a 0.5mm 3-core screened cable is used and the total cable run is no longer then 150M. The Displays can be run on separate feeds from the Transmitter or in groups where the 3-core connection is simply run in parallel.

In cases where more that 4no MiniSax Displays are required, just run a 2-core connection (B & C only) between Transmitters. Then each transmitter can be used in the same way as above, making use of the same transmitted data.

Can SAX-6 Area Alarms being used with the MiniSax?

Provided the MiniSax Transmitter is used for power and data for the MiniSax displays, SAX-6 Area Alarms can be linked into the system. In this instance run a 2-core connection (B & C only) to the SAX-6 Alarm, making use of the generated data from the MiniSax Transmitter.

Furthermore, SAX Computer Interfaces can also be linked into the MiniSax system in the same way.

Does The MiniSax have a choice of audible formats?

On the reverse of the MiniSax Display, there is a miniature 4-way DIL switch. The 4th switch can be used to switch between the conventional 2-tone HTM audible and the EN475 European option,

NOTE: The switch actuators are flush and designed to be difficult to accidentally move. These can easily be changed with the use of a small terminal driver or a ball-point pen.


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